“Each human life is like a new symphony heard for the first time. It can't be understood or fully appreciated until after the final cadence.”


Life is a symphony of music, art, design, empathy, and play. The little details that all have to make up the big picture. Many people tend not to notice the small details, and in turn, they don't realize what the big picture is. What is symphony defined as?(YOU SHOULDN'T PUT A QUESTION HERE (SAY SYMPHONY IS DEFINED AS....AND MAYBE PUT THE REAL DEFINITION OF SYMPHONY) Just a lot of music notes created into a masterpiece. When our world tends to overlook the small insignificant notes, they don't realize that without those notes, there would be no masterpiece, there would be no symphony. So, in reality, when we look at symphony, we think of music. But symphony is not just music, it is also life. Life, without the little details, would get nowhere. In the quote above, a person in our world states that a great mind is one that is able to appreciate the smaller things in life. He says, each time something small occurs, that is still a miracle. And once our world is able to realize the significance of little things, we will be able to see the big picture much more clearly. This gives Daniel Pink an advantage over many other authors who have tried to write a comparable book and have failed. In Daniel Pink's experience he was able to successfully write A Whole New Mind and with the little details that he experienced, gives us the big picture that is needed to be successful in this life. THESIS?