Splintery wood boards creaked lightly under my feet as I glided carefully across the long shaded path of my roof. A small shaft of sunlight gleamed brightly along a line of the wood, allowing the wind worn planks to shine against the darker shade. I heard my mom calling up to my room, her voice interrupting the peaceful pace of the morning. “Madison, come down, you have laundry to do!” Ignoring the voice that intruded on my thoughts, I proceeded to walk until I found my seat. I ran a finger across the hollowed out wood, no splinters piercing my finger. The antique quality of the wood was beautiful, old carvings from childhood painted onto the artist’ portrait. Bending down until I became comfortably situated, I leaned back against my house’s wall, looking out over the breathtaking city view. The center stage of a long forgotten theatre.
This roof has been my constant solace, the peace and beauty whispering away the stress of life. For once, I can hear my own thoughts, free from the noise and rush of an ordinary day. Closing my eyes, I just listen to the world; the hum of traffic on a faraway street, the conversations of people enjoying the beautiful summer day, and the spontaneous songs that the birds consistently sing. Birdsongs are captivating: a haunting melody, a swaying lullaby, or a joyful chirping, each one unique, each one special. One bird that flies back almost every day is a bluebird; its’ wings are tipped with black as is the crest on its’ head. Most of its body is a startling bright blue, and the underbelly is white. It sings lullabies in a quiet humming sound; pleasurable and easy to listen to. The song is lovely, a rocking sway that softly moves in the warm breeze.
It took me back to my middle school days. I remember me and my friends would gather on the hillside at the very edge of our playground boundaries. As the years went by, we were made fun of a lot. Makeup wasn’t a priority to me or my friends. We didn’t care how stupid we looked if we played horses. And none of us had ever had a guy friend, and never imagined it happening. Memories flew by me, at a speed only light could discover. The whirlwind stopped at the present, revealing a very sad, confused eighth grader sitting in her hiding place. The sky had darkened, and it became cooler, dark clouds enveloping the expanse of blue. Eventually a bright orange glow reached the horizon, signifying the sunset was leaving the world for the night.

I took a deep breath and then paused, feeling the cool breeze sweep over my face. Invigorating as it was, I could sense a deeper more connected energy beneath the surface of the atmosphere. I felt as if the wind were my breath itself, giving me life as I exhaled. Opening my eyes, I felt alive for the first time in a long while. I remember thinking, at that point, that I desperately wanted something magical to happen. As I watched, part of the night sky was lit with a shining beacon flying through the sky. And I knew I was seeing a shooting star. It’s the only one I’ve ever seen, but it gave me the inspiration of fire; a burning deep within my heart. I wanted to be different and feel different. And so it was. From that day, I’ve been changing only in good ways. Entering high school, I found myself to be a new person, and grew only much older in maturity and life. I only wish I could begin to describe the emotions it brings out in me. To be left to myself, think on the world, and see it from a point of view the rest of the world takes for granted. My mind had been attacked for a while, but my heart brought it back to life.