Welcome to my Wikified Journal

This is just where I will be sharing my thoughts on the book A Whole New Mind by Daniel Pink. The first quote I see is in the beginning before the book starts the chapters is from a man named Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

" I have known strong minds, with imposing, undoubting, Cobbet-like manners' but I have never met a great mind of this sort. The truth is, a great mind must be androgynous."

In this quote, Coleridge states that a great mind must have both female and male characteristics in order to think like both. He says, strong minds can be one sided, with a man's point of view or a woman's point of view, but to have a great mind you must be able to think like both. To think like both gives Daniel Pink an advantage over many other authors who have tried to write a comparable book and have failed. In Daniel Pink's experience he was able to successfully write a book that applied to everyone in general and even now in highschool, kids must learn how to become successful...

When I first heard about right and left brain, I assumed like the rest of us, without the other, our brains wouldn't be as complete even as incomplete as they are today. Of course, I took the silly myspace and facebook quizzes stating that they could know whether you were right brained or left brained. But now as I am further into reading Daniel Pinks' book I realize there is a whole new world just inside the brains we have. Yes, our left brains have been needed for many years, but now that we have the advanced technology, and up to date computer and robots, they have enough capapacity to almost exceed our left side of the brain. So in reality, today, our left brains are sufficient but not as needed. Our right brains are beginning to show they have the capabilities to advance our world in a whole new direction. Jobs that have been scarce with little needed workers are beginning to expand and become what we are going to need in our coming out world. Painters, artist, philanthropists, all of these jobs and more are going to be what are needed to exceed our world's intelligence as well as emotions....

Instead of being able to be controlled under a technology world, we can advance our minds into what has never been discovered before. Our left brains have made the US what it is today, rich, thriving, and powerful. But now that we have what we wished for, we have no need for anything else. Except the fact that because today all people want to have is money, the right brain's intelligence is expanded even further. Beauty. emotion, and spirituality are right brained qualities. Because the left brain's significance is lessened today in scoiety, the spotlight is put on the right brain. I guess society is hoping to figure out how they can survive in a world where we won't need to do math, add a sum, construct a building, on our own.

Design: When I first started reading about design, what came to my mind immediately. When Daniel started talking about how even a toilet brush needs design to be a good product, was a tablecloth. Most of us use tablecloths and they are very useful. But what we usually try to look at is the pattern, the color, the DESIGN. A tablecloth is almost like life. Life was made for us to be productive with our lives, and with my beliefs, to be a servant to God. But if life isn't attractive sometimes, and if it doesn't have the DESIGN to look and appear fun to live, we don't want to live it. Sometimes, even the BIG PICTURE is most important in one category of life...

In my Language Arts class, I have always been fascinated because I love reading. I learned to read when I was three and since then, reading is my favorite pasttime. When I read, I get lost in the creativity, the adventure, the mystery of a book. What lies in it is the design of a story. Language Arts right now in highschool is really fun for me, because the way my teacher designed the class, makes it a lot of fun. I enjoy doing the projects because they are creative and appeal to me. I always look forward to going because I know that creativity, design, involvement, and emotion will be involved in the class...

I really love Daniel Pink's book because me being 81% right brained, 19% left brained, I understand the book. I get what it's all about and I am loving to learn about it because I want to find out what kind of person I need to become to succeed in my future life. I almost live on my emotions. Before I go to bed, I lay awake for at least an hour just thinking about my day, thinking about the good parts, and thinking about what made me sad. My emotions almost control my life, which in one way is bad because being controlled my my emotions makes me have very little self control. On the other hand it enhances the right brain qualities that I will need to have to succeed in life...

When our class was talking about design, I just really had to start thinking. Why did I buy that specific item, why did i buy that certain tool? It all depends on design. I know the first thing I look at when I look at an item is the color or what is on it. Like for example a backpack- it all depends on design and whats on the backpack- then i get into more grueling details such as is it big enough and is the utility good for the product? Design is how our world is created, how it is lived in, and what we see every single day in almost every single item or thing in our world.

In fact, me being a Christian, God had a design for the world. It had to start with design for him to create the world and he even created design simple enough for humans to discover and experiment with.

There is a quote on page 108- "Myth is the secret opening which the inexhaustible energies of the cosmos pour into human manifestation." -Joseph Campbell

Now most people would skip this because they don't see the true meaning behind these fateful words. When we talk about myth we are talking about made up stories that apply to stories and books. The cosmos can apply to anything including infinity, space, the universe, and anything else that is over our heads to completely ever understand. It's inexhaustable energy is always glowing, always filled with light and dark. It is the place that allows us to have imaginations and creaitivity. Human manifestation is human creation. Because I believe in God, he is the one that created the cosmos, created us. I believe that human creation was first born with creativity and imagination. We were babies being born into a world that needs to have math, engineering, science skills. But where would we have been as children without imagination, creativity, and wondering. Growing into adults, people forget about that and they lose their sense of imagination. They have become so wrapped up into the material world and now that that has happened, they don't understand and don't have time to enhance the little imagination they do have. Everyone is born with it, it all depends on what you do with it. Imagination is a doorway into another world- it helps us to not be skeptical when the things that are unbelievable could be believable. Sometimes, I imagine that heaven is the place where imagination is the most common element and if that is heaven, than why are we wasting our time if we can't even enhance the little imagination we do have left.

I think that symphony doesn't have to completely do with music. Music is a category of symphony but it isn't just symphony. Symphony has many categories, such as art, and food, and life itself. Life is a symphony, it just depends on how you look at it. Life has all these little details, things that we tend not to notice, that make up the big picture. Most people tend to see the big picture, but don't remember that life is a symphony of little stray notes of details all blended together to make that big picture. Also,
symphony isn't just music, details, and life, but how you live life. The way you live life, supposedly optimistically, or negatively, is the way you see life itself. If you look at life positively, I believe that you see at least some of the details because you want to find out what made that big picture so beautiful. If you see life negatively, then you will just see the big picture because you never intended to see something else.

Take a picture for instance. A beautiful mountain scene, or a motion of horses running wild. So you see that big picture. But do you ever wonder what is in that? Do you ever wonder what color that horse is, what it's personality is like. Do you ever wonder what the temperature was in the mountains, or what time the picture was taken? All these little details are able to figure out life so perfectly that it takes a right brain as well as a left brain to truly see that.

Sometimes, being a photographer, I have to arrange the details, so that the overall picture looks just right. That is the way life is arranged. And it's why life is never perfect. Because the details in life are so disarrayed and in such disorder, that perfection can never be achieved until the imagination and perfection of heaven, comes and straightens things out so that the overall picture looks much better. Our world was meant to be flawed, not flawless. Symphony is how all things can relate together in harmony but create a much better sound or space with all of it instead of a single thing.

Sounds are the way our world functions today, without them our world would be gone... sounds are music- music is what sometimes people live for- its symphony- our world was built around symphony- our voices are symphony- without them, most people would be lost..voice are how we communicate, how we breathe, how we live and learn. Life is a tumult of details lost and found in a whole world of symphony. Symphony is just a way to be able to connect to life itself. Life is a poem filled with the stories, words, and feelings of everyone in the world. And the poem can be related back to symphony simply because poetry is symphony. poetry is a mixture of words all striving to be what that person is.

Story: I can relate to story a lot more than I can design just because story was the way I learned to relate to the world. I learned how to read completely when I was three years old. My reading skills were extraordinary and I was almost moved up a grade because of that. In my free time I love reading books and I like to write stories. Right now, for example, I am writing a fiction short story just because it was in my head and I enjoy writing... telling a story.

I tell stories either to enhance the way I am feeling, to make other issues I talk about become more realistic or become more fictional, and to make the listener completely involved with what I am saying.

Stories come alive in my brain. I am a visual learner, so for me, when I read a book, my brain visualizes the entire scene, watching, making up the characters visual aspects, shaping their characters along the way. I am able to lose myself, just reading a good story. Stories are what connect our brains to other worlds, other feelings, other emotions. These are things that would not usually appear in an ordinary life. I have become so much more attuned to what goes on around me, what people are feeling, what they look like, all because to me life is a story. It is just one long, continuing story that I have yet to finish.

Empathy: Empathy is intersting to me. We here all the time, well put yourself in their shoes. But we don't truly know what that is supposed to mean. Many of us confused empathy with sympathy. There is a huge difference between the two. Sympathy is based on our feelings toward another, and how bad we feel for them. Empathy is imaginign ourselfves in the situation. It is trying to comprehend what it would be like to be that person, to be another person besides ourselves.

That is a complex emotion and hard to accomplish or perfect. You need to truly be able to see both sides to every argument, see what is around the obstacles. You need to be able to comprehend what or why that person acts that certain way. maybe their home life has something to do with it. Our brains use so little of the capacity that they do have, that we as humans can not understand that. We can not comprehend fully what it would be like to be them. But we try. And that is where empathy comes in. To just have that single moment in your life when one time you will say, Oh maybe thats why he acts the way he does.

But sympathy is so often confused with empathy, that the two have gotten mixed together. Sympathy can always be a part of empathy. Because once you know why a person acts the way he does, then you can say oh well i feel bad that he acts that way according to this. But empathy can not be sympathy. You can not know what that persons situation is like just because you are feeling sorry for them. Personally I feel more empathy for my sister when she is tired in the morning then for a person who lives in poverty in Africa. Not because I dont care as much for that person in Africa. Its only because I know my sister better, and it is easier for me to relate to being tired.

Play: I do not relate to play whatsoever. I think it is not quite the sense to be essential in one's life in the future. Yeah sure, maybe laughter should be one. But play can relate to games as well. And not one game no matter how much it improves your vision or hand=eye coordination can help you succeed in life. take Halo 3 for example. Its objective is to kill as many people as you can, so you can reach your goal. Yeah, sure it helps with strategy. But the whole strategy of it is to strategize how to kill all these people just for that goal. So many times I wonder if we ever feel like we are playing in a game. Is life a game? Is love a game? Many times I have heard love referred to as a game, but never thought to relate it back to play. The game of love. Where its always a game to see who comes out on top. Now personally I dont feel that competition would help me be successful in life. I don't know I just don't have much to say on this one. Seriously, I just can not relate whatsoever.

Now laughter I can relate to. Its the only part of the chapter I can accept. Me, being the optimistic person I am, loves to laugh. I love laughing, and when I am not laughing, I am at least amused at one thing or antoher. Laughter keeps my day going, and it brings me closer with friends and family. I think being happy in life helps with that, because if you are able to laugh and feel good and have a good time, it means you are loving life, and are able to be happy under your circumstances.

Meaning: I did my paper on meaing, so I have a lot to say about it. I don't know, I just feel that meaning is such a huge part of life. In order to know a meaning in life, you need to have a purpose in life. In order to have a purpose in life, you need to have goals that you pursue and accomplish. In order to have goals, you need to have trials in life and errors that you learn from. In order to have trials in life, you must be living your life. I have had many trials in my life. Many sad things have happened. But what came out of that was a stronger more dedicated person, as myself. I have learned to come out of sad things with a smile on my face, because it gives me another goal to try and achieve, just because I can. I am living. And during the pursuit of a goal, and during the achivement of one, I can relate because during those times, I know partly what kind of purpose I wish to achieve in my lifetime. I know many goals I have in life. And pursuiing them can help me begin to strive to find my purpose in life. Once i have found a purpose in my life, I can begin to think and discover why it is my purpose. What is the meaning behing it. And from there you know what your life meaning is. Some people may not know until they die. Some people may follow their life meaning up until death. It is completely individualistic and also depends on your view of faith and spirituality.